Our services

Encounter Edu provides an integrated live-education model in step with 21st century challenges. Through unique partnerships and collaboration with experts in science, geography and exploration, we deliver on our partners’ and clients' visions by creating fresh and robust education programmes to engage and inspire young people.

We work with a large range of organisations and funders to deliver education programs and provide premium services direct to schools.

For funding partners

We develop holistic education programs as well as standalone learning elements for a range of partners from household brands to university research teams and international organisations.

Our education programs consist of the elements featured on this website, alongside project management, monitoring and evaluation, and promotion and marketing.

Typically an education campaign will:

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Live lesson Support and Production

Encounter Edu has pioneered the use of live-streamed education from remote locations, developing a streamlined and automated user experience. We offer partner organisations the opportunity to make use of our platform and network through:

  • Hosting their own live lesson broadcasts and on-request premium live lessons on Encounter Edu.
  • The opportunity to support the increased scale and scope of our existing live events.
  • Creating their own live event to inspire the next generation. See our Live Lessons archive for some inspiration.


Strategic consultancy & campaigns

Sometimes a full education program or learning element isn't what you are looking for, but instead guidance on developing your own education systems and programs. Encounter Edu provides strategic advice to organisations and governments on improving education. We have also run campaigns to affect systemic education change.

  • Short-term consultancy on a specific topic or program
  • Assistance with curriculum design to meet the challenges of the 21st century
  • Education program design including broader work on stakeholder mapping and engagement


For schools

Through our work with funding partners we are fortunate to be able to provide most of our education offering free of charge to schools.

For those schools looking to provide their students with a premium experience, we are starting to offer a series of opportunities direct to schools.

  • School events including explorer days and guest speakers
  • Premium one-to-one live lessons from explorers including on expedition
  • Professional development on education technologies and integrating environmental issues into classroom teaching

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