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1. Code Smart Computing 7-11

Through a series of nine lessons, students will learn about aspects of making, programming and design thinking as they build and program their own robot cars. They will work in teams to tackle coding challenges based on the actual problems that engineers are faced with in designing autonomous vehicles.

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2. Ocean Plastics Geography 11-14

Ocean Plastics Geography 11-14 is a full unit of work aligned to the Geography Key Stage 3 programme of study, created in partnership with the Geographical Association.

The lessons address the issue of marine plastic pollution, the harm caused by plastics to the environment and communities, how we deal with all the waste, ending with a debate on approaches to reducing ocean plastic pollution.


3. Our Ocean Planet Science/ Geography 7-11

Our Ocean Planet is a series of 12 lessons designed for primary-level students who will discover the diversity and importance of Britain’s surrounding seas before heading on a round the world voyage. As they travel the oceans, they will be studying everything from the water cycle in the Arctic to penguin evolution in the Southern Ocean and a lot more in between.


4. Coral Oceans Science 7-11

These resources for ages 7-11 are based on the journeys undertaken by science teams taking part in the XL Catlin Seaview Survey expeditions. These resources present a complete scheme of work for the science classroom, covering core science and sustainability curriculum areas as well as enhancing students' creative and communications skills.


5. Frozen Oceans X-Curric 7-11

The Frozen Oceans education programme is based on journeys undertaken by explorers and scientists taking part in the Catlin Arctic Surveys between 2009 and 2011. The activity ideas and accompanying resources are designed to introduce students to what life is like in the High Arctic and the importance of learning about this extreme environment.


6. Ocean Plastics X-Curric 7-11

Ocean Plastics 7-11 is a cross-curricular unit of work encompassing science and geography which also develops skills in mathematics, citizenship and spoken language. The unit addresses four key questions; what are plastics, where are plastics, what impact can plastics have and what can I do? These questions are answered by developing students understanding of properties of materials, living things, habitats and human and physical geography.


7. Submarine STEM 7-11

Submarine STEM 7-11 delivers a comprehensive scheme of work covering Materials, Forces and Living things and develops students’ ability to work scientifically. The unit is based on the exploratory submersible journeys undertaken as part of the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey off Bermuda, the Sargasso Sea (between Bermuda and Canada) and off Canada’s east coast.


8. Ocean Plastics Design & Technology 11-14

Ocean Plastics Design and Technology is a Key Stage 3 (KS3) resource. Students are taken on the journey of how the 6 Rs can be applied to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Students will learn the science behind what makes plastics both brilliant for everyday purposes and devastating to our oceans and marine life. Exploring the 6 Rs students innovate product designs which creatively solve the problem of ocean plastics.


9. Google Expeditions Geography 11-16

This unit will use Google Expeditions to give the students the opportunities to explore a number interesting environments, giving them a more immersive experience of the location. Students will develop their ability to describe, explain and analyse different locations and environments.


10. Plankton, Plastics & Poo Science 14-16

Plankton, Plastics and Poo for GCSE Science introduces students to the pioneering research on the impact of microplastics on the marine ecosystem. As students follow the same journey as scientists at the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory, they learn about key scientific principles such as food webs, work scientifically by simulating the researchers’ investigations, and are encouraged to use their findings to have a wider impact.


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