Frozen Oceans Geography 14-16


Channel 4 News reports from the Arctic

Find out how a reporter viewed the Arctic science

Ocean circulation

A video introduction to the science of ocean circulation

Drilling the ice

Why is Pen drilling a hole in the ice?

Ann’s food bag

How many calories does a polar explorer need a day?

Catlin Arctic Survey expedition trailer

Watch the expedition trailer for the 2010 Catlin Arctic Survey

Images & galleries

Sea surface temperature

Map of varying sea surface temperatures

Changing sea surface pH

Present sea-surface pH

Water sampling

Find out how scientists sample the Arctic Ocean

Trawling for copepods

Follow a day in the life of an Arctic researcher looking at plankton

Making an ice hole

It's not as easy as it looks...

Ice Base science

How do scientists work in the remote Arctic?

Political map of the Arctic

How many countries border the Arctic Ocean?

Wonders of ice

Explore the beauty of the Arctic

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