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30 Sept 2023 - 30 Sept 2023

Explore our forests Live 2023

The Encounter Edu live lessons share the wonders of our forests, the work being done to restore them, and ideas of what we can all do to bring back trees.

Globally, forests cover 31 per cent of the global land area, with primary or ancient forests covering just over a quarter of this. Since 1990, 9 per cent (420 million hectares) of the forest has been lost.

Forests are crucial not for their innate beauty and wonder, but also in mitigating the climate crisis and alarming decline in global biodiversity.

While the forests of the Amazon basin may have a higher profile, the UK has the Caledonian Forest, covering 1.5 million hectares of Scotland at its peak. This has since dwindled to just under 18,000 hectares today.