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27 Jan 2023 - 27 Jan 2023

Holocaust Memorial Day Live 2023

Join the Encounter Edu team on a three-part series on Holocaust Memorial Day 2023. The Holocaust was a unique and horrific event. The systematic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million European Jews is both hard to comprehend, and essential for all to learn about. We will give learners the opportunity to meet the survivors still with us, from those who came to Britain on the Kindertransport, to those who survived the concentration camps.

We want to ensure that all young people can have access to the people and places that can start to unlock a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and make a world where this can never happen again.

As the Stockholm Declaration states, “the Holocaust shook the foundations of modern civilisation. Its unprecedented character and horror will always hold universal meaning.”

As the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 attests, it is the personal testimonies that help us make sense of the statistics.