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7 Feb 2023 - 7 Feb 2023

Homes of the Future Live 2023

Join Encounter Edu and it's partners as they explore sustainable homes of the future. Fifteen per cent of UK emissions come from domestic heating alone. Our three-part series will teach learners how houses can fight climate change. In the first lesson, we will analyse two houses using thermal imaging to see where all the heat is going. Then in the second lesson explore a home of the future and our final lesson will be super fun and our learners can take part in a house design challenge.

We want to ensure that when young people learn STEM topics, they do so in the context of human and planetary health. With summer heatwaves, increased flooding, and 15 per cent of UK emissions coming from domestic heating, STEM has huge applications for designing our future homes. It’s time for change!

Lesson One: How can houses fight climate change? In this lesson, we will analyse two houses using thermal imaging to see where all the heat is going. The second part of the lesson sees students performing a ‘roof insulation’ test to see what materials are best used for reducing heating costs.

Lesson Two: Explore a home for the future. We explore a ‘home for the future' with the architect and a local builder to investigate and evaluate features that make a home more sustainable. During the live lesson, students will learn more about what an architect and builder do and identify the innovations that are applicable now and those we might see more of in the future.

Lesson Three: Eco house design challenge. Classes will put their learning into action and design a home for the future. They will learn from both an architect and a maquette maker the skills needed to model a future home. As an additional challenge, the model making section of the lesson will focus on using ‘found’ materials from rubbish. Students can enter their creations into a competition.