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Explore a home of the future

Join Encounter Edu and partners to explore a ‘home for the future’ with the architect and a local builder to investigate and evaluate features that make a home more sustainable. During the live lesson, students will learn more about what an architect and builder do and identify the innovations that are applicable now and those we might see more of in the future.

Date TBC
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 7-11

Science KS2 (ages 7-11): materials choices.

D&T KS2 (ages 7-11): design against criteria; select and use materials; investigate and analyse existing ideas

Solutions to the climate crisis require a STEM foundation. There is also a move from considering mechanistic solutions to organic solutions as well. How do homes become more local? How does the created boundary between the built and natural environment blur and entangle to the benefit of both? How do innovations scale and what role does experimentation play?