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Exploring the Savanna

Date TBC
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 7-11

Join Encounter Edu on a life-changing African safari to explore the drivers of biodiversity loss and culture for next year's science classes. We will explore the Savannas, look at food chains, dive with turtles, track cheetahs and meet the inspirational local conservationist and more...

Science (ages 7-11): identification & classification; things and their habitats.

Geography (ages 7-11): location knowledge; climate zones and biomes

Lesson Overview

Students will meet their guide for the Explore the savanna lesson.

The lesson will start with ‘briefing activities’ where classes will learn some core skills and cultural knowledge before they head out to explore.

The explore segment can be pre-recorded and edited to ensure the wildlife highlights are captured.

The live lesson ends with a Q&A session.

Drivers to biodiversity loss

The UN has identified five main drivers to biodiversity loss:

  1. Habitat loss

  2. Climate change

  3. Direct exploitation

  4. Pollution

  5. Invasive species

While many species will be affected by a combination of factors, in the lessons we have assigned a ‘main driver’ to each of the species:

  • Direct exploitation of rhinos

  • Forest habitat loss and fragmentation

    for Ader’s duiker and sinu

  • Climate change and cheetahs

  • Plastic pollution and turtles