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Wednesday 8 Jun 2022
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Protecting blue space in the Maldives

Greg Holder, Guest Education Co-ordinator at Maldives Underwater Initiative, will introduce students to the work being done to protect this amazing blue space. The Maldives Underwater Initiative by Six Senses Laamu is a collaboration of researchers, educators, and activists working to protect the beautiful area of Laamu Atoll. Greg will highlight the three pillars that are essential for successful conservation, and for working towards a healthy future ocean.

You can learn about the ocean with these two online courses:

Junior Marine Biology Online Course

Ultimate Online Shark Course



Classes may wish to locate the Maldives and specifically Laamu on a map and consider what habitats can be found there.

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Lesson steps

1. Introduction (5 minutes)

An introduction to the live lesson and to World Ocean Day Live. We will also cover some digital housekeeping and give any shout outs to participating schools.

2. Greg and the work of the Maldives Underwater Initiative (15 minutes)

Classes will then watch a video featuring Greg introducing the Maldives Underwater Initiative, a collaboration of researchers, educators and activists working to protect their beautiful blue space of Laamu Atoll. Greg will highlight the three pillars that are essential for successful conservation, and working towards a health future ocean.

3. What can you do to help your blue space? (5 minutes)

Classes will then learn what each individual can do to help protect their own blue space and ones all around the world.

4. Q&A (10 minutes)

Greg is looking forward to answering any questions from watching classes.

5. Conclusion (5 minutes)

The live lesson concludes with a reminder to classes of the importance of all blue spaces, and the importance of taking part in the World Ocean Day work to protect #ourblue.



Greg Holder

Guest Education Co-ordinator, Maldives Underwater Initiative

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