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Fantastic plastic

Plastic is an incredibly versatile man-made material. It is not indestructible but is great at resisting temperature fluctuations and is strong and mouldable, so can be formed into almost any shape. Plastic has numerous uses in everyday life, but it’s also vital in many scientific endeavours such as medical treatment and space exploration.

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Ocean Plasticss 5 7 Thumb

X-Curric | Ages 5 - 7

Ocean Plastics

This unique scheme of work for Key Stage 1 introduces students to materials and their properties and explores what happens to our plastic rubbish.

Ocean Plastics 7 11 Thumb

X-Curric | Ages 7 - 11

Ocean Plastics

This unique scheme of work for Key Stage 2 introduces students to ocean plastics and inspires them to enact change in their communities.

Coral response to future temperatures

Find out how corals could be affected by future changes in ocean temperature and ocean chemistry

Zones on the reef interactive

What factors affect zonation on the reef?

Ocean experts

Find out about some of the ocean explorers, scientists and experts working with us

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