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Arctic ask-me-anything

This live lesson is a chance for exam grade students to ask any questions they want about life and science in the Arctic. Classes may wish to reference previous live lessons as background and to help generate questions. This really is an ‘ask-me-anything’ session.

Broadcast on Wed 4 May 2022
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 14-18 / KS4-5
Learning outcomes

Overview of science and life in the Arctic

  • A changing Arctic environment
  • Science in the polar regions
  • The geopolitics of the Arctic region

If you have never joined a live lesson before, visit the support centre, where you can find a range of technical and educational information.

This live lesson is based around students’ questions. Classes may wish to reference previous live lessons and these are referenced in the supporting resources. Additional resources for generating higher-order questions are also listed.

Questions generated by your class can be submitted via the Encounter Live tab in your profile.

Lesson steps

1. Introduction (5 mins)
Jamie will open the live lesson with a welcome and introduction to Arctic Live and the UK Arctic Research Station, as well as giving shout-outs to students and schools.

2. Q&A (40 mins)

It is then over to the students’ questions. We will be taking these in order of popularity, using the upvoting function on the live chat, and answering as many as we can.


AL2020 Speaker Jamie

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Executive Director, Encounter Edu

Arctic Live 2014 Helen Findlay

Dr Helen Findlay

Biological Oceanographer, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Henry Burgess

Henry Burgess

Head of the NERC Arctic Office

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