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Eco-house design challenge

Eco-house design challenge is the third in a three-part series using science and design to investigate how our houses can be more sustainable. These lessons are aimed at upper key stage 2 classes (ages 9-11) but all are welcome to join.

In this lesson, classes will put the thinking of the past two lessons into practice and learn how to build a model house. Students will learn from an architect about designing a house, before visiting an architectural model maker who will explain some of the techniques that they use to create amazing maquettes. Students are encouraged to send in pictures of their drawings, models, or computer aided designs.

Date TBD
  • 60 mins
  • USK2 / Ages 9-11
Learning objectives
  • Design a product against criteria
  • Communicate and model ideas

This is the third of a three-lesson series. Students may find it useful to learn through all three lessons, either live or on catch-up.

Student sheets to support the live lesson will be available for download. This will include tips for architectural drawing and modelling, as well as a brief for the eco-house design challenge.

If you have never joined a live lesson before, visit the support centre, where you can find a range of technical and educational information.

Questions generated by your class can be submitted via the interaction app that will appear on this lesson page once you have booked the lesson.

Lesson steps

1. Introduction & welcome (5 mins)

We welcome and introduce classes to the Homes for the future mini unit, sharing an overview of the lesson, as well as giving shout outs to students and schools.

2. What does an architect do? (5 mins)

Students gain an overview of the role of an architect and how they design a range of different buildings. We look at some architectural drawings and how these match a finished building.

3. Top tips for designing a building (5 mins)

We learn some top tips about drawing the designs for a building including some core terminology and concepts such as including both a plan, elevation, and section in an architectural drawing. This includes the use of CAD (computer aided design) software.

4. Making a eco-house model (15 mins)

We visit a professional architectural model maker and discover some of the skills, tips, and tricks. Students can choose to practise some of the skills in real-time or just watch and be inspired. These skills are then put to use to complete the eco-house model. Some members of the class may be surprised to learn that modelmaking is a well-paid career.

5. Q&A (15 mins)

After completing the activity, the team will answer pre-submitted and live chat. At the end of the broadcast, the host will reemphasise the way that students can submit their work.

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