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Explore a home for the future

Explore a home for the future is the second in a three-part series using science and design to investigate how our houses can be more sustainable. These lessons are aimed at upper key stage 2 classes (ages 9-11) but all are welcome to join.

In this second lesson, we explore a ‘home for the future’ with an architect and builder to investigate and evaluate features that make a home more sustainable. During the live lesson, students will learn more about what an architect and a builder do and identify the innovations that can be useful now and in the future.

When looking at homes for the future, there will be some innovations that are simple ‘fixes’, but architects are now thinking more broadly about how nature can influence design, and how the ‘built environment’ can be a part of nature rather than apart from nature. In the final lesson of Homes for the future, students will put their knowledge into practice, designing their own future home.

Date TBD
  • 60 mins
  • UKS2 / Ages 9-11
Learning objectives
  • Reflect on how ideas about the future change over time
  • Group materials based on their properties
  • Select and use materials against set criteria

This is the second of a three-lesson series. Students may find it useful to learn through all three lessons, either live or on catch-up.

Student sheets to support the live lesson will be available for download. This will include identifying different features of a home for the future, criteria for judging sustainability, and guidance on how to create a future home timeline.

If you have never joined a live lesson before, visit the support centre, where you can find a range of technical and educational information.

Questions generated by your class can be submitted via the interaction app that will appear on this lesson page once you have booked the lesson.

Lesson steps

1. Introduction & welcome (5 mins)

We welcome and introduce classes to the Homes for the future mini unit, sharing an overview of the lesson, as well as giving shout outs to students and schools.

2. Future innovations (7 mins)

Students are introduced to some of the most innovative new homes, including how our idea of what makes a ‘future’ home has changed over time.

3. How should we judge a good future home? (3 mins)

Classes consider what criteria we should use to judge future homes. Can we avoid the mistakes of the past?

4. Exploring a home for the future (15 mins)

We tour a home for the future and identify features that make it more sustainable. As we tour the house we will be guided by an architect and a builder who will explain how the different features make this a home for the future.

5. Q&A (15 mins)

After completing the activity, the team will answer pre-submitted and live chat. At the end of the broadcast, the host will suggest some other activities you might like to try and what's coming up in the rest of Homes for the future.

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