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KS2 | Creative Exploration

This creative exploration live lesson encourages young people to explore their garden or green space in ways they might never have thought of before. Through live exploration, arts and expression pupils will uncover the unexpected and determine what makes their greenspace special.

FSC’s expert field tutor will answer questions about creative exploration and their own special places.

Teachers can submit questions and shout-outs in advance after registering their class for the live lesson.

Broadcast on Fri 24 Apr 2020
  • 35 mins
  • Ages 7-11

Prepare your class for this live lesson by using the supporting resources available on this page, which support pupils to develop the skills needed for exploration, and a creative writing task.

Develop pupils’ curiosity using the activities in the resource pack to help pupils to think of a variety of questions. The FSC will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Live lessons can easily accommodate learners joining from home. Read our extra guidance for school closures here.

Lesson Outline

1. Introduction (5 mins)

We will open the session with a welcome and brief introduction to the creative exploration.

2. Subject knowledge (5 minutes)

Your tutor will then introduce the site, introduce different ways of exploring helping pupils to take notice in their own familiar location.

3. Activity Time (15 minutes)

The tutor will lead an exploration of the green space using different lenses to explore different perspectives.

Pupils will get creative by using natural materials found around them to create their own mini-National Park. Finish off with some self-expression with pupils creating their own flower-pounding art. Make sure to check out the preparation resources if you wish to follow along live as we create our own masterpiece.

At this point, questions can be submitted via the Live chat.

4. Q&A and Conclusions (10 minutes)

After completing the activity the tutor will be able to answer pre-submitted questions and take part in the live chat. At the end of the broadcast we will suggest some other activities that you may like to try to explore a local green space and what’s coming up in #fieldworklive 2020.


FSC Fieldwork live Speaker Lou Hilderly

Lou Hilderly

Tutor, FSC

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