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My Voice-My School 2014

26 Aug 2014 - 16 Nov 2014

My Voice-My School paired three Palestine refugee classes in Damascus, Beirut and Irbid with three classes in the UK via Skype in the Classroom. Over the course of the project, students worked together to explore the meaning of quality global education, and to advocate for improvement within their local and school environments.

Conversations over Skype allowed Palestine refugee students to share details of their daily lives, discover similarities with their peers and discuss the impact the conflict in Syria has had on their education. Living through conflict in Syria, these students have experienced events far beyond their years, facing displacement and the loss of family members, friends and community. They have left their homes for neighbouring countries like Lebanon and Jordan, with no idea when or if they will return. For many, education is a lifeline and a source of stability and friendship.

The ideas arising from the conversations inspired their classroom projects, which included a school clean-up, counselling for student-welfare and conflict resolution, as well as access to technology and improvement of school facilities. The project has appeared on BBC school report and featured in the Syria Live streaming feature on BBC homepage.

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Live exchanges



Haifa/Al-Majdal School
Damascus, Syria
Greycoats Hospital School
London, UK
Irbid Boys’ Prep School 1
Irbid, Jordan
Mossbourne Academy
London, UK
Haifa School
Beirut, Lebanon
Eastbury Comprehensive
Essex, UK

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