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The wonders of human flight

Ever wondered whether humans can fly? In this lesson, we learn about human flight and forces with the amazing team from Gravity Industries, the creators of the pioneering jet suits. We will meet, founder and Chief Test Pilot, Richard Browning who will share the potential for jet suit technology, how they work, and how this all relates to the study of forces.

Broadcast on Thu 26 Jan 2023
  • 45 mins
  • Ages 7-11

This lesson is a great hook for making the study of forces (gravity, thrust, as well as balanced and unbalanced forces) real and relevant for students.

There are three student sheets that can be downloaded for this lesson. You may want to print these out for students. For the follow-up investigation, groups of students will need the materials listed on the activity page. You may wish to practice this before doing it with the class.

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Lesson steps

1. Introduction (5 minutes)

We welcome classes to Gravity Industries, meeting founder and Chief Test Pilot, Richard Browning. This is also a chance to go over the learning for the lesson and cover digital housekeeping.

2. The possibility of human pilot (10 minutes)

We start the lesson learning from Richard about his journey into human flight, and how he designed the Gravity jet suit.

3. How a jet suit works (10 minutes)

Inside the Gravity laboratories, we find out how a jet suit works and how they are made. Students will be able to record their learning using the accompanying Student Sheet.

4. Jet suit investigation (5 minutes)

A jet suit works by creating a force to counteract gravity. We look at the science behind balanced and unbalanced forces and how an understanding of these allows for flight, including human flight. The team will demonstrate a jet suit investigation that can be replicated in the classroom.

5. Q&A (15 minutes)

This is a chance for children to ask any questions they have about the jet suit and the adventures in human flight. How do you even become a jet suit pilot?

Additional ideas

Classes can develop the learning from this activity through the jet suit investigation. The jet suit journeys student sheet allows students to imagine where they would go with a jet suit or how it might be used.


Richard browning speaker

Richard Browning

Founder and Chief Test Pilot, Gravity Industries