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Why we need Sharks to protect the Ocean

In this lesson you will learn all about why we need sharks to protect the biodiversity of the ocean. The lesson will also cover what role sharks play in the environment, some amazing facts about sharks and finally how we can protect sharks.

Broadcast on Thu 10 Jun 2021
  • 60 mins
  • Ages 11-14, Ages 14-16

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Session Steps

1. Introduction (5 mins)

Greg will introduce himself and describe his journey to becoming a researcher, shark guardian and marine educator.

2. What is biodiversity? (5 mins)

This section of the live lesson includes an overview of biodiversity and why it is important for a healthy ocean.

3. Why are sharks important for biodiversity? (8 mins)

Greg will explain that sharks are far from the fearsome destroyers of ocean life and play an important role in maintaining biodiversity in the ocean. This section will also include a comparative study of how the reintroduction of wolves in a national park in the United States boosted biodiversity.

4. What are sharks? (10 mins)

Sharks have been on the planet for over 400 million years, and currently range from the huge whale shark that can reach over 20 metres long, to the tiny dwarf lantern shark at just 20 centimetres. Sharks and rays form a group of animals known as cartilaginous fish and have a number of unique characteristics.

5. How are sharks threatened? (10 mins)

Greg will share how overfishing and other practices are threatening sharks and the entire marine ecosystem, as well as listing some of the actions that we can all take to conserve sharks and the ocean.

6. Q&A (17 mins)

Greg will answer as many of the students’ questions as possible about sharks, marine biodiversity and what we can all do to create a healthy future ocean.

Futher Information

Follow Greg on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or email [email protected] to book a school talk. You can also register your interest for Greg's upcoming online course on sharks.

Greg recommends the following websites to learn more about protecting our ocean, sharks, and sustainable seafood.

Eco Action Families

All For Blue

Shark Guardian

The Shark Trust

Project Hiu


Marine Conservation Society Good Fish Guide

Marine Stewardship Council


Greg holder bio portrait EE WEB

Greg Holder

Gingeunderthesea, Shark and Marine conservationist

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