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Alternatives to plastic bags

Plastic bags are fast becoming a thing of the past, which might immediately seem like a good thing. Less plastic means less pollution, less fossil fuel extraction and a cleaner environment for everybody, but have you considered the environmental impact of the alternatives?

Critical thinking is really important when discussing environmental issues. To say plastic is bad is too simplistic. For example, it is generally agreed that plastic milk bottles are more environmentally friendly than glass milk bottles - since the weight of the glass means more fuel is used to transport them, more gas is used to make them and recycle them since glass has a high melting point, and plastic milk bottles use very little material and are hugely recyclable, it is estimated some plastic milk bottles in the supermarket have actually been recycled fifty times!

Explore this interactive diagram and learn about the important factors to consider each time you get a new shopping bag.

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Ocean Plastics

Ocean Plastic ages 7-11 unit is a KS1 teacher resource that introduces students to the issue of plastic pollution. Students study materials, their properties and are inspired to enact change in their communities.