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Coral expedition: wonders of coral

The University of Queensland team - Anjani, Pete, Dom and Ana - on the Shallow Reef Survey talk about their love of the coral reef. While they reminisce about their first dives, they share the wonders of this underwater world and describe the mysteries and excitement of being deep sea explorers.

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Our Ocean Planet Science Geography Thumb

Science / Geography | Ages 7-11

Our Ocean Planet

Our Ocean Planet Science Geography ages 7-11 unit is a KS2 teacher resource. Students discover marine topics across both the UK and globally, developing ocean literacy.

Coral Oceans Science 7 11 Thumb

Science | Ages 7-11

Coral Oceans

These resources for ages 7-11 are based on the journeys undertaken by science teams taking part in the XL Catlin Seaview Survey expeditions. These resources present a complete scheme of work for the science classroom, covering core science and sustainability curriculum areas as well as enhancing students' creative and communications skills.