2019 Technicians Summer Conference, Birmingham, UK, 28 June

Using the ocean as a topic to explore in science class, Encounter Edu will be sharing inspiring activity ideas and fresh practices with science technicians on June 28th at the Technicians Summer Conference in Birmingham organized by THE SCIENCE TEAM.

The Technicians Summer Conference is the largest event for science technicians. Here they will be able to join workshops, exhibitions and explore core practicals. We will run four hands-on investigations for Key Stage 3 students (11-14) in oceans science:

1. Incredible Edible Polyp

This activity is a great way of learning about the basic anatomy of the coral polyp, the tiny animal that creates the reef. During this activity, participants will use some common food items to make a model of a coral polyp.

2. Ocean acidification in a cup

This activity shows how water becomes more acidic when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it. Thus, it demonstrates the link between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a process called ocean acidification, a change in the pH of the ocean. This change in ocean chemistry has an impact on many living things in the oceans including coral polyps, clams, prawns, and other sea life.

3. Under pressure

This activity explores the relationship between pressure and depth using just a plastic bottle, pair of scissors and duct tape.

4. Depth and light

This activity investigates the relationship between depth and available light to introduce students to deep sea corals and adaptation.

For more information visit www.thescienceteam.co.uk