Digital Explorer migration FAQs

We Are Moving Blog Post
Why is Digital Explorer moving?

Digital Explorer is moving to our new web platform on Encounter Edu to continue to offer cutting-edge education resources and experiences on a single platform integrating the Digital Explorer offers under our new name.

What is Encounter Edu?

Encounter Edu is the trading name for Digital Explorer Community Interest Company. We're still the same group developing educational content and live events to engage and inspire classrooms around the world.

Why Encounter Edu?

We chose the name Encounter Edu because we felt it more accurately reflected our mission to create encounters with people and places that shift young people's world views. Edu is to emphasise our mission as educational rather than digital.

Can I still access Digital Explorer?

The Digital Explorer website is still live, but logins and registrations are now closed. Details from your Digital Explorer account have been migrated to Encounter Edu. This includes your email (used as your username), and any other personal details you entered on sign up (such as your name).

By when do I need to complete my account migration?

As a Digital Explorer registered user, you’ll have a pending account on Encounter Edu until you log in and confirm your details. Termination of this pending account is 18 March, 2019.

How do I migrate my account to Encounter Edu?

We have set up an account migration page for Digital Explorer users. Simply type in the email address that you used to log into Digital Explorer. We will email you to reset your password. Check your spam or junk emails if you do not see our message in your main inbox.

Why do I need to reset my password?

Since your Digital Explorer account password is encrypted in our system, we cannot migrate it to Encounter Edu. When you reset your password on Encounter Edu, you can use the same password, although for cyber-security purposes, we would strongly recommend setting a new password, and consider using a strong password generator.

What happens if I don’t migrate my account and change my password by 18 March, 2019?

If you have not migrated your account by March 18, 2019, your pending account status will end and stored details will be deleted. You will then need to sign up to Encounter Edu using the standard registration process.

Can I access the same resources?

Most of the same resources are available from Encounter Edu, however several of the older resources that need to be updated have not yet been transitioned.

How can I get a hold of Digital Explorer resources not currently on Encounter Edu?

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please be in touch.

Will Digital Explorer still be updated?

All new resources, events and programs will solely be updated on Encounter Edu. To access the content, we highly recommend you migrate your account to Encounter Edu with your current user email, confirm your details and reset your password.

Will I still receive the Digital Explorer newsletter?

If you had signed up for any newsletters or updates from Digital Explorer, you’ll continue to receive these, although they’ll now be branded Encounter Edu.

Can I change my newsletter preferences?

Yes, this is much easier to do now. Just visit the preferences section of your account, when you are logged in and you will see all the options there. You’ll also find more account tools, such as a list of 'saved for later' items, your downloaded resources, items you have recently viewed, and any live bookings you have made.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time using the options in your account preferences section. Also, your Digital Explorer user details will be removed from the Encounter Edu website if you have not confirmed your details using the account migration tool by 18 March, 2019. The user database on Digital Explorer will be deleted as part of the transition to Encounter Edu.

When will the Digital Explorer website will go offline?

The Digital Explorer website will be taken offline on August 18, 2019.