PR: Explore ‘Our Ocean Planet’ with your class and discover the ocean

Our Ocean Planet Hero Encounter Edu

The ocean provides 99% of the living space of the planet and is enormously important to the world so it’s great to see that this incredible ecosystem is now part of the national curriculum.

To address this, award-winning educators Digital Explorer and XL Catlin Ocean Education have produced ‘Our Ocean Planet’, a new Key Stage 2 resource which introduces the ocean to young people through the experiences of real scientists and explorers and offers teachers the opportunity to use the ocean as a context for teaching not only Science and Geography but also other subjects such as English and Design & Technology.

This exciting scheme of work has been developed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading marine research institutes including the National Oceanography Centre, the British Antarctic Survey, University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

‘Our Ocean Planet’ takes a thematic learning approach that charts a journey around Britain’s surrounding seas, before heading off on a round the world voyage studying everything from the water cycle in the Arctic to classification in the Indian Ocean.

Dr Penny Holliday, senior scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, is one of the ten ‘Ocean Experts’ that share their passion for and knowledge of the ocean with students “It's a privilege to see the ocean in all its moods. From bright blue skies and the blue deep, to raging storms with giant waves and the air filled with spray” Dr Holliday goes on to say “Our Ocean Planet’ is a fantastic resource that will really help young people understand both the beauty and importance of ocean”.

The ‘Ocean Experts’ that feature in the resource include marine scientists, explorers, sailors and conservationists who not only want to teach young people about the spectacular nature of this vast ecosystem but also want students to connect with them via Twitter to share the work they produce.

“This project makes it easy and enjoyable for teachers to provide high quality themed Geography and Science lessons which have strong links to the national curriculum. The Ocean theme and engaging and attractive presentation will excite and engage young children” said Stephanie McAllen, primary teacher at Hampstead Primary School, Camden.

The ‘Our Ocean Planet’ scheme of work and accompanying classroom resources allows an innovative and engaging approach to educating young people and is free to download from the Digital Explorer Oceans website. The programme includes teachers’ notes, lesson plans and activity and fact sheets. Supporting multimedia (maps, diagrams, photos and video) can be found on the Digital Explorer Media Zone.

1 February 2016