Earth Reporters, BBC: First Arctic expedition with Catlin Arctic Survey

First Arctic expedition with Catlin Arctic Survey on BBC Martin Hartley

Digital Explorer’s Director Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop embarked on the Catlin Arctic Survey expedition as a communications officer. One of his roles was to film for this documentary which is a joint venture between the BBC and the Open University.

The result was a BBC Earth Reporters documentary about the Catlin Arctic Survey. In this episode there is one question that is explored - Are melting ice sheets and glaciers disrupting global oceanic circulation? This is also known as the 'thermohaline' effect. If the answer is 'yes', the weather patterns in many countries could change. A team of scientists sets out to the Arctic to try and gather vital data with a plethora of theories to test. Among them, Dr Victoria Hill is going to gather evidence for the first time in seven years thanks to a novel way of doing science - a team of polar explorers who have set up a special research base on the Arctic ice.

The programme screened on BBC World on Friday, 27 May 2011 (02:30 & 09:30 28/5 or 15:30 & 21:30 29/5).

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26 May 2011