PR: First live lesson from the Amazon rainforest to the rainforest at London Zoo

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On the 20th May, to mark the launch of the Academy of Exploration, British explorer, Ed Stafford, will be teaching a lesson from the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, LIVE to pupils at the new Rainforest Exhibit at London Zoo.

780 days into his gruelling expedition, hoping to become the first man to walk the entire length of the Amazon, Ed will be using the latest satellite and digital computer technologies to link LIVE with a group of young people from the heart of the Amazon Rainforest to the Rainforest Exhibit at London Zoo. Ed will be sharing his insights about the rainforest with a class from Swiss Cottage School.

Ed is not alone as this event marks the beginning of a new era of education in the UK. Through Digital Explorer’s pioneering virtual Academy of Exploration, teachers and students will be able to journey beyond the four walls of their classrooms, to connect with a series of expeditions live on the frontier of science and research. A journey of a few is now becoming a gateway for learning and understanding for many.

“Having Ed speak live from the Amazon to a group of pupils at London Zoo just shows what is possible in education now. The Digital Explorer Academy of Exploration makes this kind of opportunity open to schools across the UK,” says Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Director of Digital Explorer.

Sophie Stephenson, Formal Learning Manager, ZSL London Zoo adds, “We are excited to host the launch of Digital Explorer here in our unique rainforest. Learning outside the classroom with Education Officers in the zoo is a vital component of our education work with London pupils. Online educational opportunities such as Digital Explorer will allow pupils across the UK to access inspiring pioneers in often remote and fragile habitats.

“We are delighted that pupils from the outstanding local Swiss Cottage School could visit real rainforest animals today and meet the intrepid explorer Ed. We hope the experience provokes lifelong interest in this rich and diverse habitat in this, the International Year of Biodiversity.”

Five years in development, working with leading explorers across the planet, and teachers across the UK, The Academy utilizes the latest communication technologies to bring the frontier of science and exploration live to the classroom – the result is empowering youth interaction and learning like never before.

Teachers can register for FREE access to the curriculum-relevant, multi-media, educational resources and LIVE lessons direct from expeditions across the planet in a pioneering new classroom resource to inspire young people about global issues.

“It’s great for the pupils because it’s real. It’s sometimes difficult to make that link between the classroom and what’s happening in the world, but the Academy makes it easy because these are all real expeditions, out there, doing it,” comments Citizenship Teacher, Teresa Perez.

The Academy is also a well-stocked, FREE Resource Centre for teachers and explorers. It is frequently updated with the latest resources, designed simply to enable and compliment the expedition-educational content.

The Academy will be launched with a number of expeditions already LIVE in the field including Walking the Amazon and Atlantic Rising.

20 May 2010