#FirstDescent update: first underwater broadcast for USA

Half way through the Nekton Mission #FirstDescent expedition, the Associated Press runs the first live broadcast for the United States market. The expedition chief scientist, Dr Lucy Woodall, describes what it is like to be exploring the deep Indian Ocean from a submersible, captivating the attention of the Good Morning America anchor.

Newscasters are not the only ones to be intrigued by this pioneering expedition. So have the students, including those join us at 4a.m. from Colombia, asking a very wide array of questions to expedition team during the #SubmarineLive broadcasts over the last four days.

In the last 16 sessions, Encounter Edu team has fielded hundreds of questions surrounding facts about ocean health, affects of pollution, concepts around atmospheric pressure, skill sets to drive submersibles, discoveries of new species, scientists impressions of being in the deep etc etc.

Tomorrow, Friday 29 March, will run the last four #SubmarineLive broadcasts linking over 6500 students around the world to meet members of the expedition team. There is still time to register to this free event. Join us!