Meet Dr Kristen Marhaver #CoralLive2019

Dr Kristen Marhaver

Marine Biologist, CARMABI

Dr Kristen Marhaver is marine biologist working to protect and restore coral reefs through discovery and innovation. Marhaver’s research lab produces coral probiotics, 3D-printed settlement surfaces, and advanced reproductive technologies to increase the survival rates of juvenile corals.

Marhaver’s work has been featured by NPR, BBC, The Economist, The Atlantic, and Popular Science, and she has spoken to audiences at TED, Google, Harvard, and at ocean festivals around the world. Marhaver is a TED Senior Fellow, a National Geographic Explorer, and a World Economic Forum Young Scientist.

Dr Marhaver graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Coral Live 2019 Dr Kristen Marhaver