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Dr Ceri Lewis on Arctic Live 2019

Dr Ceri Lewis


Professional worm-wrangler / rock pooler (Senior Lecturer Marine Biology, University of Exeter)

Role on Arctic Live

Science lead, in charge of the sampling for ocean chemistry and marine plastics and plankton and supporting the younger members of the science team.

Most looking forward to...

First day out in the boat and seeing icebergs, the amazing colours of the glacier and being properly cold again, it’s a strangely addictive feeling.

Favourite thing about the Arctic...

The light, it’s magical and the feeling like you’re on top of the world as the sun makes a low loop through the sky and sometimes you get all sorts of rainbows and sun dogs. Its stunning.

Why fieldwork is important...

Fieldwork is critical to understanding the real world and is vital for making sure that the models we have for our changing planet are as close as possible to what is happening in reality. It is also important for making sure we are asking the right questions.

Marine creature I would be...

I would quite like to be a starfish because they can regrow their limbs and don’t age, and if they eat something bad they can shed their tummy and just grow another one.