PR: Sharing hope for corals with thousands of students globally

Coral Live 2018 Sharing Hope For Corals Hero CARMABI

Amid the distressing headlines about the risks to corals caused by human activity, Jamie Buchan-Dunlop and coral experts share hope for corals with thousands of students globally with Coral Live 2018.

AXA Coral Live, part of AXA Oceans Education, launched from the CARMABI Marine Research Center in Curacao from 29 October – 09 November is bringing the wonders of corals to life in over 125 schools internationally.

Over five days, Buchanan-Dunlop and field producer, Ellie MacKay are working with the leading coral researchers, animating unique interactive webcasts to introduce pupils from ages 7 to 16 to the fragile coral ecosystems, human impact on them, and the latest science research looking at how to preserve and restore corals.

With each day dedicated to a new topic, young people are introduced to corals, their habitats, the impact of high CO2 levels, the twilight zone of deeper corals and the amazing adaptations found on the reef. Classes can follow live investigations, join in on interviews with Dr Mark Vermeij, Dr Kristen Marhaver, Dr Pim Bongaerts and Dr Jasper de Goeij and send in their questions during the ask-me-anything sessions.

This education outreach is designed to inspire young people to engage in this vital topic and develop their ocean literacy. Covering less than 1 per cent of the marine environment, coral reefs are home to 25 per cent of marine species and important nursery habitats to numerous fish. Yet human activity and climate change are putting the corals at great risk along with the estimated 1 billion people dependent on reefs for food.

Confronted with the daunting reality of destructive human impact, AXA Coral Live and its collaborating science partner, CARMABI, is responding to a critical need to engage young people at scale to learn about the importance of the coral oceans and the vital role they play.

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25 October 2018

Sponsored by AXA XL
Running for a third year, Coral Live is part of AXA Oceans Education, and run in partnership with education partner, Digital Explorer. Coral Live makes up part of AXA XL’s broader mission to develop ocean literacy. Since its inception, AXA Oceans Education has reached over 3.5 million students globally through four core science and geography programmes: Our Ocean Planet, Coral Oceans, Frozen Oceans, Submarine STEM.

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