The Geographical Journal: The use of technology to link expeditions to classrooms

In the latest edition of the Geographical Journal published by RGS-IBG, Digital Explorer’s founder Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop discusses at length about the power of modern technology to bring the excitement of an expedition to a wider audience through satellite communication systems, Geo-tagging, blogging and social media.

“Communicating via the internet from the field can be a slightly surreal experience. I've sat on the sides of mountains and in the middle of deserts, happily typing away and uploading videos and photographs, knowing that people are reading and watching somewhere else on Earth. It still gives me a thrill, and also provides an extra level of excitement and interaction for the audience. However, it does require using a satellite communications system such as Inmarsat's Broadband Global Area Network or being very close to reliable internet access. An equally valid approach is to wait until you return home and then organise all of your journal entries, photos and video into a website.”

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January 2009