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How does pressure change with depth?

If you have ever dived in the ocean, you might have felt your ears pop. This is because of the air pressure changing. This activity shows the relationship between water depth and pressure.

Ages 10+

20 minutes

Explore the relationship between pressure and depth with this simple activity.

Activity Steps

  1. You are going to investigate the relationship between pressure and depth.
  2. Make three holes, evenly spaced, in a vertical line, in the bottle.
  3. Cover the holes with tape and fill the bottle with water, and put the lid on.
  4. Stand the bottle in a sink or take it outside and try to guess how the water will behave coming out of the holes. Where will the pressure be greatest? How will you know?
  5. Untape the holes and unscrew the lid.


  • How did what you observe compare with what you predicted?
  • Why do you think the water is flowing with greater force at the bottom compared with the top?

Safety guidance

  • Scissors should be child-friendly and used under adult supervision.

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