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Make your own plastic bird feeder

Activity Plastic Bird Feeder Hero

We live in a world full of plastic. As we learn to redefine our relationship with this material, consider re-using plastic to create a useful product.

Ages 7+

(adult supervision)

30 minutes

This activity shows how to make step by step your own plastic bird feeder. Win-win for you and the environment.

Activity steps

  1. Prepare your work space by clearing your desk and laying newspaper down and get all of your materials out.
  2. Wash the bottle out with water.
  3. Measure about 10cm up the bottle and draw a small circle. It needs to be about the same size as the handle of your wooden spoon.
  4. On the opposite side draw a larger circle, about the size of a big coin. The bottoms of the circles need to be at the same height.
  5. Squeeze the bottle together and carefully cut the circle out. Do not try to poke a hole in the bottle.
  6. Put the wooden spoons into the bottles. The big end of the spoon needs to go snugly in the big hole.
  7. Put the lid on the bottle.
  8. Use string to make a loop so you can hang the bird-feeder.
  9. In a tray at home, fill the bottle with seeds. The tray will stop the seeds making a mess.

Safety guidance

  • Use safety scissors.

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