Captain's log

Lesson overview

In this final lesson, students will create and deliver a presentation about their (Arctic) Ocean voyage. Students will learn about presentation skills including delivery and slide design. Students will deliver their presentations to the class, receiving feedback from their peers. Celebrate the end of the ocean voyage with certificates or prize giving.

Learning outcomes
  • Give well-structured descriptions, explanations, and narratives
  • Speak audibly and fluently with an increasing command of Standard English
  • Participate in presentations
  • Gain, maintain and monitor the interest of the listeners
Lesson steps
  1. Mission engagement (5 mins)
    Explain to students that they will be making a captain’s log in the form of a presentation. Discuss ideas of what they might want to include and write these.
  2. Modelling presentation skills (20 mins)
    Model a presentation for your class, using a range of poor presentation techniques. Students will record these and then be asked to model how these could be improved.
  3. Voyage presentation preparation (60 mins)
    Explain the structure of the voyage presentation. Students will then create a presentation to share what they have learnt during their ocean voyage.
  4. Voyage presentations and feedback (30 mins)
    Students deliver their presentations and receive feedback.
  5. Celebration (5 mins)
    Take the opportunity to ask students to describe how they feel about the ocean in a single word. Celebration and prize-giving could take the form of an online class call.