Environmental Change in Borneo

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Google Expeditions
Lesson overview

In this lesson students will define environmental change through a case study in Borneo and will understand the role palm oil has to play in this change. They will then go on to write a report outlining the issues of environmental change in this location.

Learning outcomes
  • Define environmental change
  • Locate Borneo
  • List the factors driving environmental change
  • Explain the role that palm oil production plays in deforestation in Borneo
  • Propose solutions to the issues resulting from deforestation in Borneo

Expedition Prep Checklist

Download the Google Expeditions App on all devices, find and select the expedition Environmental Change in Borneo.

Explore the expedition and locate points of interest.

Review the content in the Lesson resources section to update your knowledge and develop some teaching ideas.

Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (10 mins)
    Lead a discussion around the following questions: What is environmental change? Where is Borneo located? Why might Orangutan's be extinct in ten years’ time?
    Students watch Orangutan diaries and begin to complete the research Student Sheet found in the Lesson resources.
  2. Expedition (20 mins)
    Lead the expedition, using the scene descriptions, questions and points of interest to develop students’ knowledge and understanding. Students use their research sheet to record their findings.
  3. Activity (30 mins)
    Lead a discussion on the following questions: Have we any responsibility for deforestation in Borneo? Why are the people who live there destroying their forest?
    Students imagine they are working for the UN and have been sent to Borneo to investigate the deforestation there.
    Students write an 800-word report, using the information that they’ve gathered on their expedition. The report is entitled Environmental Change in Borneo.
  4. Extension
    Students watch the videos from the Expedition Prep Checklist and write a 300-word account of deforestation from an Organutan's perspective.
    Students read 'Boreno's majestic rainforest is being killed by the time mafia' (Guardian).