Une journée au zoo

Part of:

Google Expeditions
Lesson overview

In this lesson students will use Google Expeditions to explore San Diego Zoo, developing their vocabulary and using descriptive language, which culminates in producing a brochure encouraging tourists to visit the zoo.

Learning outcomes
  • Develop zoological vocabulary
  • Identify the main animals of the zoo
  • Identify the staff and describe the functions of the zoo

Expedition Prep Checklist

Download the Google Expeditions App on all devices and select the expedition San Diego Zoo.

Explore the expedition and locate points of interest.

Review the content in the Lesson resources section to update your knowledge and develop some teaching ideas.

Consider the questions: A quelle espèce appartient-il? Que dois-je observer? Quelle est sa particularité? Où habite-t-il? Pourquoi est-il menacé?

Lesson steps
  1. Introduction (10 mins)

    Lead a discussion around the following questions:

    Qui est déja allé au zoo? Qu’avez-vous vu au zoo?

  2. Expedition (20 mins)

    Lead students through the expedition and discuss the following questions for each animal / enclosure:

    • Quels animaux peut-on observer au zoo?
    • Quelles espèces peut-on observer au zoo?
    • Que mange cet animal?
    • Quelle est son origine? où habite-t-il?
    • Quelles sont ses particularités?
    • Est-ce une espèce menacée?
  3. Activity (30 mins)
    Students complete the Student Sheet found in the Lesson resources section.
    Direct the class in creating a brochure in French for the San Diego Zoo. It will include the main details (e.g. price, address, main animals, etc.).
  4. Extension
    Students select animal themed expeditions and create a guide for French speakers.