Field Producer

Encounter Edu runs a series of live broadcast education events, Encounter Live and is looking to increase its roster of qualified field producers.


The role of the field producer is to manage the entire technical side of the live broadcasts. The Encounter Live team is small (two people) with a field producer and a presenter. As the live broadcasts are from expeditions and field centres, there is no formal studio set-up. This means a certain amount of Macgyver-esque skills in setting up a field studio. The next role is to manage connectivity (WiFi, 3G/4G and Ethernet) and ensure settings ensure a smooth broadcast.

For the actual broadcast, we use live-streaming software to combine the feed from one DLSR and one video camera (both Canon) and combining visual elements and B-roll using vision mixing. Sound has traditionally been sent via a separate feed and this needs syncing.

We have used YouTube Live in the past and so experience of this platform is useful. We typically broadcast 25 x 45 minute streams over the course of 10 days.

You can see examples of previous broadcasts at:

Post-production also includes logging of footage, and ensuring all batteries are charged and all memory cards are backed up and clear for the next production. The field producer also films additional footage for use during broadcasts and for archive purposes.

Essential Skills

At least 3 years’ experience of live broadcasting, that includes:

  • Use of live broadcast software
  • Ability to set up and manage internet connectivity including use of field units to combine data feeds
  • Operation of audio and two live video feeds, including camera operation
  • Set up of ad hoc studios in different locations
  • Problem-solving ninja as there are always issues with this kind of work
Desirable Skills
  • Science background – most of our broadcasts are science-based and a working knowledge of science makes things easier
  • Remote location experience – whether you can dive, film underwater, operate happily at minus 25°C or halfway up a mountain, any of these helps
Examples of future locations
  • Coral Live: Curacao in the Caribbean, shore-based work with underwater filming a bonus
  • Arctic Live: – Svalbard, station-based work with additional boat-based filming at temperatures down to minus 25°C

To apply, please send an email addressed to Ms. Irina Prentice at [email protected] explaining why you'd be suitable for this opportunity with along with your website URL / links to reels and previously published work. Kindly mention contact details in your email.

Marketing Volunteer

Encounter Edu is looking for a volunteer who is keen to sharpen his/her Adobe Creative skills as s/he works with the marketing team to implement SEO strategy and internal multimedia library management; increases Encounter Edu online presence, and time permitting, creates content contributing to the volunteer's portfolio.

By working through the photo and video content, the volunteer will have the opportunity to discover and work with the new content of frontline marine field research from the Arctic, the coral oceans, the deep, used for education purposes.

Here is a chance to develop knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and identify solutions to increase Encounter Edu's online presence.

Based on skill set and depending on creative interest, the volunteer can create multimedia assets promoting Encounter Edu's content and events on social media. Any successfully published work can be used in personal portfolios.

The role

Under the general supervision of the Communication Director and working with the marketing team, the volunteer will have a chance to work with frontline environmental and marine research content used in the production of educational materials for students around the world. S/he will contribute to developing Encounter Edu's online multi-media archive; to editing and writing SEO tags for Encounter Edu website; time permitting, create Encounter Edu content for social media.

Key results and Tasks

Advance Encounter Edu current work on building its online multi-media library:

  1. Sort photo and video folders and identify best shots to be uploaded to online media bank;
  2. Build a reference document to support image/video bank searches;
  3. Upload and add relevant metadata to online archive;
  4. Research licensing agreements for third-party content.

Improve Encounter Edu 'discoverability' online:

  1. Work with multimedia team to identify best SEO tags for Encounter Edu website pages;
  2. Input SEO tags to Encounter Edu's website pages.

Contribute new and relevant photo-galleries and or short video clips for Encounter Edu website and Encounter Edu social media messaging:

  1. Identify useful shots and videos for Discovery Zone resources and Encounter Edu events;
  2. Work with the education team in selecting the best and or the most relevant shots for creating educational photo galleries;
  3. Putting Abode Creative Skills to test, create content from the multi-media archive to promote Encounter Edu content and events on social media.
Qualifications/ Experience

Has knowledge and want to further practice the use of Adobe Creative Suite applications;

Wants to further develop multi-media skillsets and enjoy problem-solving;

Has a strong visual/editorial sense for photography and video;

Works with independence and is organized;

Enjoys being part of the multi-media team and have a positive disposition;

Is or has studied or is or has worked in the audio-visual fields with a desire to apply or transfer his/her knowledge to the digital world;

Must abide by Encounter Edu’s child protection policy and respect IP rules related to Encounter’s content;

Knows to film and photograph events would be an added advantages!

How to apply:

To apply, please send an email addressed to Ms. Irina Prentice at [email protected] explaining why you'd be suitable for this opportunity along with an attached CV. Kindly mention your contact details in your email.

To maximise the chance of going to the next round, applicants could provide supporting material (PDF or website URL only) in the form of:

  1. Personal portfolio: A body of work comprising original content . Any successfully published work can be used in personal portfolios.
  2. University projects: Any completed projects undertaken as part of your studies.
  3. Video / Image/ Publishing Portfolio channels: Any of these channels showcasing applicant's own work or projects where they offered support are acceptable- Vimeo , YouTube , Issuu, Medium and Tumblr links.

Encounter Edu will provide a stipend for travel and lunch capped at 10GBP per day.


London, United Kingdom

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