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30 Oct 2017 - 10 Nov 2017

AXA Coral Live 2017

For a second year, Encounter Edu introduced schools from 30 countries to the life and wonders of the coral reef. Working with the Bermuda Institute of Oceans Science, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, Bermuda Zoological Society and local telecommunications company TNL, the Coral Live team connected over 10,000 students globally with the people striving to conserve this fascinating habitat.

This year, we successfully piloted the YouTube live interviews with guests from field research in Bermuda. Students also interacted with guest speakers from the Scientific Centre of Monaco and the University of Exeter, where they were inspired by one of the contributors to the famous BBC ‘Planet II’ TV series. The event featured 85 Skype and Hangouts Meet video lessons and 12 YouTube live interviews with guests alongside the supporting Coral Oceans resources and scenic multimedia.

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Dr Robbie Smith
Curator of the Natural History Museum, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ)
Dr Samantha de Putron
Marine Biologist and Ecologist, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)
Kaitlin Noyes
Director of Ocean Academy, BIOS, Bermuda
Tim Noyes
Research Specialist, BIOS, Bermuda
Chris Flook
Small Boats & Docks Supervisor BIOS / Board Member, Bermuda-based Ocean Support Foundation (OSF)
Dr Alexandra Amat
Oceanographer, BAMZ, Bermuda
Choy Aming
Aquarist, BAMZ, Bermuda
Winston Godwin
Aquarist, BAMZ, Bermuda
Dr Jamie Stevens
Evolutionary Biologist, University of Exeter, UK
Dr Alexander Venn
Marine Biologist, Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Dr Steve Simpson
Marine Biologist, University of Exeter, UK
Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop
Founder and Director, Encounter Edu

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