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How are reef animals adapted?

There is such diversity of life on the reef and each living thing has found a way to survive and perhaps thrive in these underwater cities. This live lesson looks at the different adaptations found on the coral reef. The main activity, Streamlined Sharks, looks at the shape of sharks and what makes them such fearsome apex predators.

As this is a family-focused series, we have steered away from formal lessons, but this lesson on adaptation has a fun and simple main activity to ‘design’ your very own ultimate coral animal.

The live lesson will review the shark shapes activity and discuss different adaptations on the reef.

Remember that questions and shout outs can be submitted up to 24 hours in advance for booked lessons via your user profile.

Broadcast on Wed 15 Apr 2020
  • 30 mins
  • Ages 7-11, Ages 11-14

This live lesson assumes that students and families will have completed the Streamlined Sharks activity or the lesson on adaptation.

Have a look at the gallery How have creatures adapted to live on the coral reef? and the video on the wonders of coral, to help prepare for this lesson.

Session outline

1. Introduction (5 mins)
The Live Lesson host welcomes students and outlines the lesson. There will also be shout-outs to any students or families that have registered.

2. Presentation (5 mins)
The host will go over adaptations on the coral reef and also review the activity.

3. Q&A session (20 mins)
We will answer as many pre-submitted and live chat questions as possible.


Coral Live 2018 Jamie Buchanan Dunlop

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Executive Director, Encounter Edu