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The story of the Sea Monkey Project

In this live lesson, 16 year-old Sydney ‘Syd’ Steenland will describe her journey to becoming an environmental activist, and co-founding the Sea Monkey Project. Learn about Syd’s adventures at sea and her work to find solutions to the problem of plastic pollution.

Broadcast on Wed 9 Jun 2021
  • 45 mins
  • General audience

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Session Steps

1. Introduction (5 mins)

The lesson starts with a welcome to classes watching and then Sydney Steenland will introduce herself and The Sea Monkey Project.

2. Who are the Sea Monkeys? (5 mins)

Syd tells of her life growing up on a sailboat and how the project started.

3. How big is the plastic pollution problem? (7 mins)

This section covers the full spectrum of plastic pollution and how it affects us and the wildlife we all love.

4. What do the Sea Monkeys do about it? (8 mins)

The Sea Monkey Project works in a number of different ways to tackle plastic pollution. This includes awareness-raising and education, as well as local projects aimed at reducing the amount of plastic that enters the ocean.

5. How can kids help? (5 mins)

Syd shares how she started making a difference at a young age and how other kids can do the same.

6. Q&A (15 mins)

Syd will answer as many questions as possible from students.


Speaker Photo Sydney Steenland

Sydney Steenland

Environmental Activist, Co-founder of the Sea Monkeys Project

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