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Common types of plastic and where to find them


There are many different kinds of plastic. Shown above are ten common types which you will have come across at some point. Each has its own unique properties, making plastic the most versatile material on Earth.

One of the main reasons why plastic is so useful, its durability, is also the reason why it threatens our planet, the fact that it pollutes our landscapes, our rivers, our cities and of course, our oceans.

This is why plastic products are never 'disposable'. It's very easy for people to throw away plastic, but to the planet, nothing is less disposable than plastic.

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Science | Ages 11-14

Ocean Plastics

Ocean Plastics Science ages 11-14 unit is a KS3 teacher resource combining both biology and chemistry. Students discover the journey plastic takes from manufacture, use, and disposal into the ocean. Included are teacher resources that allow students to emulate real research conducted by The University of Plymouth.