Best AXA Arctic Live lessons for early years and key stage 1 (ages 3-7)

AXA Arctic Live returns for 2021 with two live lessons for the first time designed for children in the early years and at key stage 1 (ages 3-7). From 7 to 17 June 2021, explore the science and geography of the frozen north and meet some of the people who work in this fast-changing environment.

These two lessons are general introductions to the Arctic and also include fun activities looking at some the amazing animals that live in the polar regions.


AL2021 Exploring the Arctic 2

In this live lesson, we will look at an introduction to one of the most iconic creatures in the frozen north, the polar bear. There will also be time to talk about living in the Arctic and answer children's questions.

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AL2021 Exploring the Arctic 3

How do animals keep warm in the Arctic? One of the ways is blubber! This live lesson gives students an overview of life in the Arctic, as well as a chance to get messy with investigating insulation.

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