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Exploring the Arctic

We welcome younger students at primary school to our first Arctic Live lesson for key stage 1 classes. This lesson is a perfect introduction to the Arctic. The host for the lesson is Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop who has visited the Arctic seven times (and Antarctica one). He will share some highlights of work and life in the frozen north. Jamie will then work through the blubber gloves activity and discuss how animals that might be encountered on an Arctic expedition are suited to the cold. There is also an opportunity to look at aspects of working scientifically. The last section of the lesson is a chance of students to have their Arctic questions answered.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AXA Arctic Live 2021 live lessons will be delivered as a virtual event, with speakers joining from where they are, rather than from the UK's Arctic Research Station.

Broadcast on Mon 14 Jun 2021
  • 30 mins
  • Ages 5-7
Curriculum Links

Key stage 1 Science

Living things and their habitats

  • Identify that most things live in habitats to which they are suited
  • Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats

Working scientifically

  • Perform simple tests

Key stage 1 Geography

  • Develop locational knowledge of significant places including the polar regions

If you have never joined a live lesson before, see the guidance hub, where you will find technical and educational support.

This lesson is based around the Blubber gloves activity from the Frozen Oceans STEAM activity collection. If your children are following live, you will need to gather the activity resources in advance.

Any questions that your children have can be submitted in advance via the Encounter Live tab in your Encounter Edu profile. You will also be able to submit children’s questions via live chat during the live lesson.

Session steps

1. Introduction (10 mins)

Jamie will open the lesson with a welcome and introduction to the amazing Arctic.

2. Activity time (10 mins)

This activity is a fun way to learn about how animals are suited to the harsh conditions of the Arctic. Students can complete the activity at the same time and develop their understanding of working scientifically.

3. Q&A and conclusion (10 mins)

After completing the activity, Jamie will answer pre-submitted questions and take part in the live chat.


AL2020 Speaker Jamie

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop

Executive Director, Encounter Edu

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