Best AXA Arctic Live lessons for key stages 4 and 5 (ages 14-18)

AXA Arctic Live returns for 2021 with four live lessons designed for exam-grade students aged 14 to 18. These live lessons focus on human impact on the Arctic Ocean in the form of plastic pollution, and human activity and management in the Arctic region.

All lessons can be watched live at school or at home, and also viewed on catch-up after the broadcast.


AL2021 Plastics KS4

The Arctic Live team has been investigating the prevalence of plastic in coastal Arctic waters. Join this lesson to hear more about their research and the wider issue with marine plastic pollution.

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AL2021 Plastics KS5

This lesson covers marine plastic pollution in more depth as well as looking at the scientific process that eventually leads to the publication of peer-reviewed research. This lesson is also useful for geography students looking to understand how human impacts reach the farthest corners of the globe.

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AL2021 Geopolitics KS4

Unlike Antarctica, the Arctic is home to millions of people, commerce, and cities. This lesson will provide an overview of the types of human activity that take place in the Arctic as well as looking at its governance and future.

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AL2021 Geopolitics KS5

The Arctic is home to a range of activities from science and tourism, to mining and fishing. This lesson looks at the human geography of the Arctic and touches on some of the issues with the sustainable management of the region and the role of bodies such as the Arctic Council.

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