Dispatches, CH4, UK: DE's cofounder Oliver Steeds' Conservation’s Dirty Secrets:

Digital Explorer’s co-founder Oliver Steeds travels the globe to investigate the conservation movement and its major organisations.

The film looks at how some big conservation charities are run, questions corporate partnerships and stresses the danger of the “Disneyfication” of environmentalism – the trend to focus on ‘cute and cuddly’ fauna at the risk of missing other species that are crucial for the ecosystem.

As Oli writes, “sitting around a campfire with a Samburu Elder in Kenya, a man who had been abused by Joy Adamson (of Born Free fame) and been marginalised by tourist lodges and conservation parks, he shared with me an African proverb, which I hope we carry at the heart of our film: ‘Until the lions have their praise singers, the tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.’”

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20 June 2011