Encounter Edu's Submarine STEM cited as an exceptional scheme of work by Teach Primary

Teach Primary and Teach Wire features Encounter Edu’s Submarine STEM Science 7-11 as a hot product citing it as a perfect resource for capturing children’s interest and sparking their imaginations and thinking.

Introducing Encounter Edu in the article, experienced teacher and author at Teach Primary, John Dabell writes, “At the heart of their resources is a magic mixture made up of inspiring awe, role models and pupil-led enquiry where they are introduced to real scientists and their work.”

Submarine STEM is a free KS2 resource made in partnership with Nekton Mission, based on the exploratory submersible journeys undertaken as part of the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey off Bermuda and Canada’s east coast. The unit is supported by 360 VR galleries, videos from the expedition, STEM activities emulating submarine professions and Submarine Live lessons. The Submarine STEM units have reached over 48,000 students worldwide since their release in 2017.

“This is an exceptional scheme of work to help children explore and discover the wonders of deep-sea exploration through a series of inspiring and immersive lessons; they’ll have a whale of a time and an increased desire to learn more. With 95% of the ocean still unexplored, children have plenty of secrets to discover for themselves and thanks to Encounter Edu, we are all explorers.”

John Dabell

Teach Primary

Verdict on the resource

  • Truly ground-breaking learning experiences for global citizenship
  • Expertly develops students’ ability to work scientifically
  • In-depth learning that promotes higher-order thinking and curiosity about the ocean
  • High-resolution, 360-degree panoramic vision learning at its very best
  • Brings learning and science to life with a clever mix of hands-on and digital options
  • A masterclass in how modern technology can enhance science education

The article further suggests primary teachers to upgrade to this resource if they are looking to inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers and grow ocean literacy for a sustainable future using an engaging and unified approach to learning.


Encounter Edu hopes to continue leading the wave on building ocean literacy in primary teachers so that the next generation is better equipped to understand issues around our planet.