Submarine STEM

Science | Ages 7-11

Submarine STEM 7-11 delivers a comprehensive scheme of work covering Materials, Forces and Living things and develops students’ ability to work scientifically.

The unit is based on the exploratory submersible journeys undertaken as part of the XL Catlin Deep Ocean Survey off Bermuda, the Sargasso Sea (between Bermuda and Canada) and off Canada’s east coast. Using our exclusive galleries, videos and online 360 VR technology students are fully immersed in the deep ocean.

Students will understand the scale and depth of the ocean, explore and investigate the creatures which inhabit this inhospitable environment and consider how forces and materials are integral to submersible design. Throughout the unit students plan, carry out and evaluate scientific investigations, culminating in an exciting DT challenge.

Lesson 1: How big and how deep is the ocean?

Students are introduced to the concept of the deep sea and discover some of the unusual creatures of the deep.

Lesson 2: What lives in the deep sea?

Students begin to understand the challenges deep sea exploration poses. Students will create a scale diagram and examine the differences in subs.

Lesson 3: What forces affect submarines?

This lesson develops students understanding of forces. Students consider how the shape of a submersible will affect its movement through water.

Lesson 4: How do you choose materials for a submarine?

Students explore submarine designs and consider the materials used and their properties, making choices for their own sub design.

Lesson 5: How do you launch a submarine with strong structures?

Students learn how cranes help us move large and heavy loads before designing and building a strong structure that will launch and recover their sub.

Lesson 6: How do you recover a submarine with levers and pulleys?

Students complete their cranes by adding a lever or pulley system and reflect on their structures by describing to launch and recover subs.

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