PR: Children from Ein el Helweh and Sweden meet for a first time

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Palestine refugee students meet with children from Sweden as part of the My Voice - My School classroom initiative

Today, Rama, a Palestine refugee from Syria, and her classmates from Palestine Martyrs School in Ein El Hilweh, Lebanon, met with children from Sweden’s Helsingborg International School as part of the UNRWA My Voice-My School classroom initiative…

This live exchange follows the cessation of recent clashes in Ein El Hilweh, which had forced the postponement of their original call. During this online video exchange, students presented their advocacy project on improving education in the context of their lives. They talked about how their living environment can affect their education and future prospects. “At any minute, we hear bullets due to clashes, even when we are in school,” Rama said. Rama, like many other students in Ein El Hilweh, has witnessed the recent violence that broke out in the camp. However, education remains of utmost concern to them, as it paves the way towards a better future…

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22 May 2017