PR: #SubmarineLive: lessons from the deep

04 March 2019

Join the pioneering exploration of the Indian Ocean's uncharted depths during Submarine Live from 25-29 March, 2019 and sign up at

Submarine Live provides students front-row seats to the Nekton Mission's pioneering submersible-based exploration of the deep ocean around the Seychelles. From 200 to 3,000 metres below the surface of the ocean is the Bathyal Zone, considered one of the planet's largest vital ecosystems.

By registering for the live broadcasts, primary and secondary students will be able to participate in the Submarine Q&As with the expedition team and follow Live Investigations to explore this largely undiscovered and scientifically new area of the world.

Brought to the classroom by AXA Oceans Education, the Submarine STEM resources 7-11 and 11-14 and activities are available to support teachers introduce the science and physics of deep sea exploration.


Contact: Irina Prentice, Director of Communications, [email protected]

About the expedition

First Descent is a series of subsea scientific expeditions innovating the use of Artificial Intelligence, big data technology and communications to accelerate exploration and conservation of one of the least explored and least protected oceans in the world. Setting out to create a database for marine life and measure human impact on ocean health between 200 and 3000 meters deep, the expedition starts in the Seychelles' vast ocean territory. First Descent will end in 2022 during the State of the Indian Ocean Summit in Oxford, UK.

About the partners

Nekton Mission

The aim of the Nekton Oxford Deep Ocean Research Institute is to help change our knowledge and understanding of the world’s oceans to speed up the protection and governance of our last great wilderness, the deep ocean.

AXA Oceans Education:

As part of AXA’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, it has supported ocean science research and education outreach since 2009. Working in partnership with Encounter Edu, AXA Oceans Education has reached 4.3m students from 96 different countries. Learn more.

Encounter Edu

Encounter EDU designs and runs integrated STEM and Global Citizenship educational programs using live expedition broadcasts, virtual exchanges and virtual reality. Children access inspiring experiences to become critical thinkers. Teachers are supported through an online library of resources and training to run meaningful encounters run in the classroom.