TES blog post: Commentary from the Arctic Live on UK classroom connectivity

I'm in the Arctic, but I have better connectivity than many UK classrooms' Encounter Edu

The first Arctic Live (#FrozenOceansLive) event connecting schools around the world with the NERC Arctic Research Station was mentioned in a blog post on TES.

It features Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop talking about the drive to start a 21st-century classroom that uses the power of technology to bring the wonders of expeditions closer to students.

“As an educator working with expeditions, it is a joy to be able to respond to a question posted by a student on Twitter or Instagram, to be able to stick my laptop out of the window and guide them through the Arctic landscape and navigate past an iceberg that fascinates me more than a cumbersome sketch ever did”, says Digital Explorer director.

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03 May 2014