The Guardian: Recommendation for ‘Voices of Conservation’ resource

How to teach … rhinos and conservation

Ahead of the World Rhino day on 22 September, the Guardian Teacher Network lists Digital Explorer’s resources ‘Voices of Conservation’ among the best resources to be used in the geography GCSE and A-level classroom:

“Digital Explorer has shared a stimulating set of rhino-themed resources, created with Voices of Conservation. The resources have been specifically designed for teaching GCSE and A-level geography and reveal the complexity of conservation issues, but there is much that can be adapted for younger pupils and other subjects.

The Rhino conservation booklet is a jewel of a resource, based on the conservation work of Dr William Fowlds, a wildlife veterinarian based in South Africa. Teachers can find lessons on CSI South Africa, the Rhino Summit, conservation case studies, poaching and filming conservation. The pack includes activity- and factsheets for all lessons. You can also find slide shows to go with lesson 1 and lesson 3.

This rhino poaching factsheet gives a background to the issue of poaching with a focus on Southern Africa. And the solutions to poaching factsheet provides an overview to some of the tactics and ideas being employed to stop rhino poaching.

Students can investigate the pros and cons of a legal trade in rhino horn and analyse the views from a rhino breeder/reserve owner and a conservation campaigner.

Sixth-form classes may want to take part in the Voices of Conservation competition by making a conservation video. Here are some great tips on how to do it. The prize is a trip to southern Africa for a team of young people to take part in rhino conservation initiatives.”

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17 September 2013