PR: WOW Science and Encounter Edu

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Reporting live from the Coral Stations - Field Producer Ellie McKay

‘When we talk about science with children, are we really communicating in a way that children understand?’. This is the topic of a new ‘Wow Science’ blog, ‘Communicating Science’, by Dr. Alison Trew. The article explores the different ways adults speak about science, along with recommendations on how we could do it better.

Encounter Edu is featured among the solutions in the section on ‘Communicating through technology’. In this section, Trew explores the ways modern technology can enhance science education. With mobile devices and computers increasingly prevalent, these tools can now be used to connect students directly to scientists around the world. “Obviously a real life visitor would be great but there is technology enabling far easier options”, writes Trew.

Encounter Edu specializes in linking classrooms to scientists. This may be to those doing field research in remote locations or to specialized research centres on the other side of the world. Feedback from those involved in our sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Bringing the far-away nearby, it turns out, is a really great way to stimulate science discussion.

As well as featuring in their blog on science education, we are proud to be a recommended resource on Wow Science. This new website promotes excellent primary science learning materials. It is run by the education charity the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) in collaboration with e-learning resource publisher, Learning Science Ltd. Wow Science provides teachers, parents and students with recommendations of high quality primary science resources, from videos and games to interactive and live programs such as Encounter Edu.

The resources highlighted are the pick of hundreds online reviewed by PhD scientists and primary teachers. Only the best make the site. Selected resources cover a broad range of science subjects and are suitable for all primary ages.

The platform offers a solution to teachers' dilemma of where to find good content on the web. The site is easy to read. We especially like the time and difficulty level icons that provide a quick insight into the time required to implement the resource and the level of complexity it entails. All the resources listed are approved by the PSTT for quality and suitability, ensuring the content is accurate and useful to learning.

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